How to Create Increased Customer Loyalty and Response


On Top of the Bottom Line

To be a successful brand in a competitive environment, you must be branded for how you sell, not just for what you sell. Based on the principles of the unique slap process for creating a brandable customer experience, Heaven is a unique brainstorming process that generates innovative tactics customized to your company and translates them into an actionable implementation plan. It shows how to create a spectacular, signature and sustainable experience; create the willingness in your employee culture to promote the experience; and recognition in your customer culture of your intention to provide it. It gets both managers and customer-facing employees wickedly smart about what really causes customer response and loyalty.


Conceiving of a brandable customer experience is tough for even the smartest of management teams. They’re painfully aware of financial and operational realities and mixed priorities and rarely approach the idea of creating the customer experience with the right attitude or proper creativity. The real triggers for customer reaction and loyalty are shrouded in mystery and may not be consciously realized by customers themselves.

slap will fix this. It’s our job to show you how to generate the most innovative strategies and tactics possible and then show you how they can be made affordable and achievable. That’s why we’ll transport your managers and customer-facing employees to Heaven, where anything and everything is possible and affordable.

Heaven is the creation of restriction-free ideas based around the twelve proprietary components of the slap brandable service system. It’s a wild affair, even by our disturbingly high standards. Constant surprises keep managers intensely focused on the creation of the ultimate customer experience.


The program isn’t all floating around on fluffy clouds munching freshly peeled grapes. It features a unique planning process (Heaven on Earth) that transforms the creative ideas into a pragmatic action plan. And then it shows exactly how to implement that plan within your employee, customer and, if necessary, partner cultures.

Over 50% of the hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of seemingly outrageous tactics generated in a typical Heaven session can actually be implemented without the use of any additional company resources. Why do you think we call it Heaven?


  • Generates hundreds of innovative ideas to create a brandable customer experience—spectacular, signature and sustainable
  • Translates those ideas into a unique implementation format, rated by feasibility and required resources
  • Causes willingness in your employees to promote the customer experience and recognition in customers of your intent to provide it
  • Gets managers very smart about how to create customer loyalty in a competitive market
  • Creates results for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business relationships
  • Accelerates the impact and credibility of advertising
  • If appropriate, greatly improves channel partner relationships while simultaneously improving relationships with end users