The Training Programs

This is not the soft stuff. This is the Stuff of Hardcore Results.

slap isn’t a training company, we’re a solutions company. But we do have proprietary training programs used to scale our solutions throughout a management population and these programs are also available as standalone components. The unique slap training programs overcome every obstacle that stops training from achieving sustainable business results. We’ve successfully trained tens of thousands of managers, from executive to entry level, from Montana to Moscow. 

Managers eat from a magic plate—no matter how much they swallow, nothing ever seems to disappear. Companies that prize competency rarely slow down long enough to allow new manager competencies to develop. Under pressure to perform, managers won’t chance the new or counterintuitive—they go with what they know even if they know it might not work. Manager training often doesn’t stick because it ignores these conditions. slap training was built to resolve them.

From content to coffee cups, everything about our training programs are laser-focused on helping four distinct groups that hold in their hands the success or failure of your company. Click on any of these four groups and see how we’ll help you start the transformation.

We Turn Willingness Into Skill and Business Impact

First, slap training focuses on creating the willingness in your managers to behave and perform in new ways. Then we translate that willingness into competency that assures them “new” is safe and sensible. All slap training programs are preceded by integration with enterprise/organization systems and synched with strategic and performance goals and include post-session coaching and a suite of application tools. 

We Turn the Mythological Into the Tactical

slap translates huge, ethereal issues like leadership, strategic implementation and branding into practical, tactical schematics that transfer competency to every manager in any organization. 

We Turn the Tactical Into the Compelling

slap talks to managers like managers really talk to themselves. Our presentations are equal parts provocative and profound, heartfelt and hysterical. All of our programs connect on both intellectual and emotional levels. We present new behaviors and skills as personal benefits to managers but our training is directly linked to business metrics. This way, managers can justify spending time on bettering themselves, knowing they’re simultaneously bettering the business.