Tough Times: Tougher Teams


How to avoid or resolve problems with accountability and a solution mindset.

Ultimate Message

“Whining” isn’t a strategy. “Victim” isn’t a job description. “Everyone else is in trouble too” isn’t management information.

We are the premier event for large associations to consider keynote speakers. Stan Slap was the star of the show. He was absolutely amazing both in his own thought leader session of 500 people, which was standing room only, and in the general session in front of 3,000 people. You cannot believe how many positive comments I heard about his presentation.

Anne Blouin
Chief Learning Officer



Managers the world over have elaborate excuses to explain why poor performance is rarely their own fault and instead the result of forces beyond their control—they’re quick to blame acts of God, mysterious forces of nature and global events. Are you managing in maddening times? Sure, but who cares? Download the summary PDFWhat’s important is what you do about it; the job of management is to bring good answers to bad circumstances. The least successful companies blame everything for their problems—everything except their own response to those problems. The most successful companies take the same accountability for their mistakes as for their successes. In this blistering, funny and empowering keynote speech, Stan will debunk the most common excuses for poor performance and provide the foundation for creating a solution mentality throughout any company.