1, 2, 10!


How to create fierce support in your employee culture for any strategic or performance goal.

Ultimate Message

 “You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside.”

I watched a roomful of CEOs forget their lunch, forget their meetings, forget their cell phones. If Stan Slap hadn’t ended his talk, they would still be sitting there. They were in church.

Dan Edwards



Even the smartest companies subscribe to the most dangerous strategic myth: A strategy has to be planned well to be successful. In fact, a strategy has to be implemented well to be successful. Download the summary PDF“Implemented well” starts with securing the fierce support of your employee culture. If the culture wants something to happen, it will; if it doesn’t, it won’t. In this mind-blowing keynote speech, Stan will explain exactly how and why your employee culture will buy any strategic or performance goal and how to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Implementation that lie in between 1, 2 and 10!