New Strategy/Performance Goal Implementation

Your Goal


The Problem

Your company regularly bets its life on the ability to roll out strategies—ahead of schedule, ahead of budget, on the heads of your competition. Yet most strategies in most companies don’t really work. They don’t really do what they were supposed to do, cost what they were supposed to cost or happen when they were supposed to happen. They only look like they’re moving forward because they’re being slammed from behind by the next strategy.

This is because even the smartest companies subscribe to the most dangerous strategic myth: A strategy has to be planned well to be successful. “Implemented well” begins with being able to enroll your employee culture in fierce support of the strategy. If you can do this you’re on the way to achieving strategic insurance, but you’re building a base camp on Mt. Delusional to think any strategy or performance goal will be successful without the hardcore support of this group. If the employee culture wants something to happen, it will. If it doesn’t, it won’t.

Our Solution

1 First, slap will conduct a unique cultural investigation that determines your employee culture’s true willingness to support any strategic or performance goal—we will tell you the things they haven’t told you and we’ll tell you exactly what to do about it.

2Then, we will create emotional commitment in your manager culture and show managers how to ignite previously unseen levels of commitment in their employees.

3We will get every manager in your company smart and sophisticated about how an employee culture works and how to work it. Then, we will present comprehensive, customized recommendations for gaining employee endorsement for the current strategy.

4Finally, we will provide an imbedded process for future strategies so that implementation is planned at the same time as the strategy itself, with the same intelligence and sophistication.