Managing Fast Growth/M&A Strategies

Your Goal


The Problem

Fast-growth and M&A strategies often make a lot of sense—on paper. To be successful they first have to make sense to your employee and customer cultures. Internal damage has to be contained first and fast, as your best management talent considers leaving, cultural viruses are imported, the competition may confusingly now be your friend and your employee culture freezes in the face of the loss of the known. All of this happens at the exact time when you’re depending on increased levels of unity and productivity.

External damage has to be contained immediately, before your customers react to becoming a subordinate priority to your internal reorganization issues. Your customers won’t be the only ones to consider they’ve lost a relationship with the company you’ve acquired or used to be without yet gaining anything. Any smart competitor will seize your distracted state as an ideal time to mount a seduction campaign. All of this happens at the exact time when the market is expecting signs of a sizable return on investment.

Our Solution

 1 First, slap will create emotional commitment in your managers, assuring that top talent in acquired companies stays in place.

2 Then, we’ll provide detailed, customized recommendations to ensure greatly accelerated acceptance of the new organization and its systems, and tolerance of any temporary state of chaos.

3 We’ll identify and prevent cultural viruses as the new organizations are blended.

4 We’ll cause unity and accountability between newly formed business units and teams, and within critical working relationships.

5 Finally, we’ll provide the strategies and tactics that create a brandable customer experience that is signature to newly expanded Mother Brand while retaining the important character of the acquired or merged companies.