Becoming a Best Company to Work For

Your Goal


The Problem

It’s not just about the groovy features—the cafeterias, fitness centers, art collections and the rest of what has created the modern corporate campus: the employee Roach Motel designed to assure they check in and never check out. These expensive examples of a presumably healthy, perky and involved working environment are important only if they really are examples of a healthy, perky and involved working environment. Neither is it about compensation and benefits; the impact of these things on an employee culture is regularly overestimated. The culture doesn’t care about the money nearly as much as what money can’t buy: true emotional fulfillment.

Our Solution

1 First, slap will show your managers how to turn their jobs into mechanisms for fulfilling deepest personal values. As soon as they understand how, they’ll immediately seek to protect the mechanism by making the company more successful.

2   Next, we’ll get every manager in the company smart about how a culture works and how to work it, including how to accelerate the acceptance of change and how to provide legendary reinforcement that means something to the culture.

3   Then, we’ll investigate how the employee culture really feels about the company—far beyond their typical audit responses.

4  Finally, we’ll provide detailed strategic and tactical recommendations for transforming the opinion of the culture and sustaining that opinion, including making sure that the company gets proper credit for everything it already does.