The Consulting Solutions


Fast-growth strategies and massive organizational change are immediately accepted and accelerated within your company. You attract top talent, you breed them and you keep them. Your customer experience drives new levels of response in a hyper-competitive market, causing customers to advertise and sell for you. Slap on CultureYour company gets off artificial life support, the constant bribery needed to achieve loyalty from inside and out. You gain a reputation as a great place to work for and to be acquired by.

These are performance effects. The cause is cultural commitment in managers, employees and customers. Achieving ferocious cultural commitment is what slap does.

The Solutions

slap Consulting Solutions are designed, tested and proven to create a new reality in your organization. They lock onto four critical targets within your organization to drive your success.

Click on any of these five targets and see if our description of your problem sounds familiar. Don’t worry. If it rings true we’ve got a solution: