Who We Believe In

Burt Children Center

For 40 years, in a massive crumbling Victorian house in one of San Francisco’s otherwise nicest neighborhoods, Burt Children’s Center has provided safe residential care for the most severely sexually, physically and emotionally abused young children, ages 6–11. Burt Children’s Center accepts these innocent victims of terrible crimes committed against the pure of heart and helps to make them whole, healed human beings.

They aren’t just kids in a bad mood; they’re seriously disturbed and often have failed in a number of previous placements. Burt Children’s Center is their last resort. They never turn a child away.

These little humans have withdrawn emotionally—having learned to fear those who are closest to them—so they have trouble forming relationships. They’ve withdrawn cognitively—it’s not worth letting in anything from the outside world if it might hurt you—so they have trouble developing educationally.

In response, the talented and dedicated staff of the renowned Burt Children’s Center uses a variety of groundbreaking therapeutic methods to reach and teach. It’s hard, constant, inspired work and thankless as far as income opportunities go. But the staff at Burt Children’s Center loves these little kids.

The only funding Burt Children’s Center gets is from fees, grants and contributions. Raising money isn’t really their competency—healing young hearts and minds is what they know best. Burt Children’s Center is in need of money, toys and clothing for young children, computer hardware and software, and help in maintaining the facilities.

There are bigger charitable organizations than Burt Children’s Center, where a staff of 50 works with 19 children at a time. It’s not about scale; it’s about impact. The impact that Burt Children’s Center has on young, damaged lives. The impact your help will have on these same lives.

It’s a wonderful world for many and a hard one for some. Please give what you can.