The Company

Our Aim is True

The issues that chronically baffle and bedevil managers the world over—in every industry and every line of business—aren’t really new problems. The biggest problem is that the solutions aren’t really new solutions. They’re aimed at the effect, not the cause.

slap is aimed directly at the cause.

We focus on the power that often lies dormant in companies, that is often misunderstood or underestimated. Specifically, we know how to create commitment in the three groups that hold the power. As a result, we can achieve emotional commitment from your managers, fierce support for strategies from your employees and an experience that is brandable to your customers.

The Three slap Delivery Mantras

1Managers will never really work for their company unless their company really works for them

2You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside

3You must be branded for how you sell, not just for what you sell

The Three slap Delivery Methods

We deliver results through comprehensive consulting solutions that target enterprise-wide issues and individual training programs that can reach every manager in a company. We’ve been doing this awhile: All of our solutions and programs have been well researched and exhaustively beta-tested in the world of business before we offered them to you here.

Deadly Serious. Totally Twisted.™

Relax; it’s a chronological equation. The deadly serious always comes first—including hardcore processes and metrics impact—but our work has a certain undeniable … attitude. It’s delivered as a constant change-up pitch of provocative and profound, heartfelt and hysterical, relevant and irreverent. And it’s driven by a lot of passion for the jaw-dropping power and vital importance of humanity in the workplace.

The job of manager can be exhausting on the best of days. To give managers back the strength to embrace new solutions means connecting with them emotionally as well as intellectually. It means restoring their reason to believe.

For those of you who just can’t get enough about us, rest easy. We heard you:

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