Papercuts to the Soul: Morals, Values, and Ethics Video Blog 4 by Stan Slap from Slap Company on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, what any company wants most from its managers is the one thing it most stops its managers from giving.  So it's time for some fierce truths about management.  Let me tell you first of all that the neuro biological source of emotional commitment in a human being is not a mystery.  The source is the ability to live your own values in whatever relationship or environment you're involved in.

Now, there are a lot of experts about human relationships.  I mean, deep ‑‑ not talking about women are from Bloomingdale's, men are from big chief auto parts.  Not that stuff.  I'm talking about deep expertise in human relationships.  Regardless of their point of view, they'll all tell you the same thing as a fundamental tenet.  If you want an emotional committed relationship between human beings or groups of human beings, everybody involved in that relationship has got to be free to bring the best of who they are into the relationship.  Unchecked, unvarnished, unhesitatingly.