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Bury My Heart at Conference Room B book just released in Korean edition. It joins the many foreign language editions, from Japanese and Chinese to Polish and Portuguese. Collect ‘em all. Very impressive on your coffee table — shows you as sophisticated, urbane, polyglot.

Steven Somerstein talks to slap about his coverage of Martin Luther King Jr. during the Selma march.

Robert Scoble Interviews Stan Slap at Rackspace on Company Culture in Tech

Huffington Post article with Jure Klepic and Stan Slap

#NMX Trends #2 on Twitter During Stan Slap Opening Keynote

Stan Slap talks Pussy Riot and why rock and roll is important to you as a manager

Jamaica Part Two: Shaken AND Stirred by Stan Slap

So, yeah, GoldenEye is now owned by Chris Blackwell, who last year turned it into a small luxury resort (10 rooms on the beach, 10 on a private lagoon and the Fleming house set on over 50 acres of beach … Read It

Jamaica Part One: Stan Slap writes next book on 007 Ian Fleming’s Desk

The point is: That I recently gave a keynote in Jamaica to the heads of all the Caribbean credit unions and grabbed the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks at Goldeneye, site of Ian Fleming’s former house. It’s now … Read It

The European Business Review July 2011 edition includes a must read article by Stan Slap

The European Business Review July-August 2011 edition includes a must read article by Stan Slap. Check it out here at Read It

Bury My Heart Lands on’s ‘Best Books for Business Owners’ List

‘Tis the season for makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice. One of our favorite lists,’s ‘Best Books for Business Owners’ features Bury My Heart at Conference Room B by Stan Slap. Read It