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Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Bury My Heart, Life Stories, Video Blog | 1 comment

Steven Somerstein at the slap Offices about Martin Luther King

stevePhotographer Steven Somerstein talks to the slap company about his coverage of Martin Luther King Jr. during the Selma March.  slap’s lobby has one of Steven’s great pictures (shown behind him) of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking to 25,000 civil rights marchers at end of Selma to Montgomery, Alabama march. March 25, 1965




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1 Comment

  1. Wow. I connected with the historic U2 photographer via LinkedIn a couple years ago. It’s something to shake the hand of a person who had such an impact. Without the photographs, how much would our country have been moved? And how faint would our memories be?

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