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  • Bury My Heart at Conference Room B book just released in Korean edition. It joins the many foreign language editions, from Japanese and Chinese to Polish and Portuguese. Collect ‘em all. Very impressive on your coffee table — shows you as sophisticated, urbane, polyglot. Read It
  • Steven Somerstein talks to slap about his coverage of Martin Luther King Jr. during the Selma march. Read It
  • Robert Scoble Interviews Stan Slap at Rackspace on Company Culture in Tech Read It

“Whenever I meet with Stan Slap I don’t know whether to write down everything he says or leap across the desk and strangle him.”

Jack Calhoun, CEO Banana Republic

“After a single exposure to Stan Slap’s unique thinking we asked him to join our board of directors. His company’s solutions stick. They immediately entered the pulse and the bloodstream of this company.”

Kris McDivitt, President Patagonia

“Before slap my division was losing $116m a year. After slap we’re $100m to the good and we’ve gained 10% market share even after raising our prices 3%. I absolutely credit them as the driving force behind our turnaround. When I brought slap into our company I billed the work as ‘potentially life-changing.’ It delivered on that promise and continues to do so.”

William Mayo, General Manager Caterpillar

“The internal commitment generated for us by slap is priceless.”

Bill Guibor, COO Hallmark Retail

“I had to experience it to believe it. Everything we’d heard about slap solutions was true; everything we’d hoped they would be, they were. Stan Slap can see leading edge in his rear view mirror.”

Jay Morgolis, CEO Esprit

“Stan Slap has powerful secrets nobody else knows.”

Gary Frey, EVP Nations Bank

“I only wish we’d had Stan Slap at GE during our rebranding efforts.”

Beth Comstock, CMO General Electric

“slap is directly responsible for results at our company. They have changed the very character of Microsoft.”

Pieter Knook, SVP Microsoft
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